Deeplet keeps innovations with Taiwan SoC on full range of surveillance solutions
MIT chip to AI-Asmag

25 May 2022

Secutech 2022: Made-in-Taiwan from chip to AI solution
Source: asmag.com editorial team
Date: 2022/04/28

Deeplet Industries

"Deeplet is an MIT supplier (OEM/ODM) that is US-NDAA compliant. Our solutions are secure and we offer stable delivery to our customers. We are the direct authorized partner of Novatek for SoC solutions. They are the chipset supplier for Deeplet’s full range of solutions – HDVR, NVR, IP cameras and mobile DVRs. This year, we are the only suppliers at the show using Novatek’s latest 3rd generation SoC in our 16-channel HDVR which is currently in production and will be available soon,” said Charlie Yu, Account Manager for Deeplet Technology. Also on display at Secutech 2022 are Deeplet's 64-channel NVR, firmware, AI cameras, cloud and CMS platform.

According to Lilian Yao, Global Sales Director for Deeplet Technology, most of Deeplet’s customers are distributors and integrators who ask for customized, innovative solutions. This is where the company’s ability in SDK integration support and technical know-how comes in. “Customers may already have surveillance NVR, hybrid or mobile DVR but they seek our help with integrating all these disparate systems. Our IT department would work with the customers to develop the SDK to enable the features they need. For example, access control devices – intercoms, video door phones and fire alarms or mobile DVRs monitoring driver behavior, these devices produce different signals and data which we can integrate with our recorder and connect to a remote platform to trigger alarms and alert operators. We can provide 100 percent SDK support to our customers,” said Yao.

For Deeplet, firmware has been their focus for research and development in the past few years. "Software and cloud are relatively easier to develop because of coding. Designing and customizing solutions actually starts with firmware which is embedded. You have to find the right chipset that will enable the features asked for and find the balance between price and functionality," added Yao.


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